What Is Osapo

OSAPO (Oganizasyon Sante Popilè/ People’s Health Organization) was founded on March 8, 2008 by a group of Haitian professionals led by Dr. Jean Gardy Marius and Dr. Sterman Toussaint. OSAPOs main objective is contributing to the sustainable improvement of the standard of living for the most at-risk families in Haiti, utilizing various programs that help empower the people to improve their overall health.

Since 2008 OSAPO has worked on a model of primary care to improve the quality of health in the population, and to create economic opportunity for the most vulnerable families living in the rural areas of Haiti. When considering the level of poverty people are faced with, it would be impossible to increase the quality of health in the population by focusing solely on the clinical aspect. Therefore, the problem of health in the population will not be solved in a clinic, but rather in the community where people live.

In the ten years of our existence following the OSAPO Clinic’s development, more than 151,200 people have been treated at the clinic and received appropriate medication, and more than 1,920 operations have been conducted. Of these 151,200 consultations, 85% were women and children. More than 1,600 children aged 0 to 5 years have been treated for numerous infirmities including malnutrition and starvation. With OSAPO’s various programs offered along with the clinical aspect, most patients have been restored to good health.

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