Maternity & Pediatric Section

In 2012, OSAPO conducted a study in the community on the mortality rate of pregnant women, revealing that at that time, 94% of pregnant women gave birth at home, assisted by a traditional matrone (mid-wife) with no previous medical training.

OSAPO quickly began capacity-building training sessions for traditional matrons and also encouraged them to bring pregnant women to the clinic for pre- and post-natal monitoring to decrease the maternal mortality rate.

In 2013 a fully-equipped maternity building with a 15-bed capacity was built by the Japanese to receive pregnant women and provide the best quality services during birth.

Twin babies were born in the center for which blood work showed HIV negative from an HIV positive mother. Another baby with an HIV positive mother was able to prevent from contracting HIV with assistance from seeking assistance through OSAPO. Dr. Kimiko is shown post-delivery, a new baby she managed with the birth and Dr. Felix is shown evaluating a pregnant patient and checking the fetus heart rate and position as she nears birth at OSAPO. Doctors are available 24/7 to provide emergency C-sections or other procedures that the nursing staff are unable to handle when something goes wrong in delivery.

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